Whether you are landscaping your backyard, creating privacy with a hedge or screen, building a housing development or emulating the glorious Augusta golf course, our Icon Trees team has the experience and knowledge to ensure you get the right tree to best suit your application. 


We work with New Zealand’s leading landscape architects and contractors to deliver quality trees and service throughout New Zealand.

Our purpose-built tree nursery in Auckland is home to more than 70,000 big trees ranging in size from a 1m instant hedge through to specimen trees at over 6 metres high.  

In a world where instant gratification is important, our team is able to deliver you that WOW factor today.   

We are here to help. We want to help you find the right tree for the right application. If you can’t make it to the nursery to select your own trees – relax! You can rely on us to select your trees, and be confident we will get it right.

In the greater Auckland area our own staff will deliver your Icon trees on-site when you require them. Beyond Auckland - we have an experienced team of horticultural carriers who deliver throughout New Zealand every week.

Good Roots………

Roots are the anchors and feeding mechanism for a tree, if these are not right then the success of the tree is compromised.  What might look like a big strong tree may not be mirrored by it root system.  Icon Trees is one of the few nurseries that identify with this issue and dispose of these trees instead of growing them on to the next grade or supplying trees that will not successfully reach maturity.



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