Advice on Trees

View our online catalogue containing information relating to the features of the trees and a guide to the suitable uses and planting conditions.

For further information or to discuss your specific project contact us.

Contract Growing or Forward Purchasing

Trees are one of the few components of a commercial project that are not always guaranteed to be available for supply. To ensure that top quality trees are available for installation for your project it is best to give us as much lead time as practical. Icon Trees are experts at contract growing of stock specifically for projects. Contract growing works best with 12-14 months or more lead time. For projects with shorter lead times contact us to secure your requirements as soon as possible.


Nationwide delivery is simple. For metropolitan Auckland deliveries we use our own curtain-sided truck and can often deliver the very next day. For outside the Auckland area we have a great network of specialist carriers who can deliver nationwide.

Delivery into the North or South islands is generally only 7-10 days. Contact us for a quotation for delivery costs. Of course you are always welcome to collect your trees from our nursery and we can help with loading and securing them.


Click here to download our planting guide.

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Water Droplets

Pleached Titoki by Humphreys Landscaping

Pleached Titoki by Humphreys Landscaping

The Thaw

Good Roots………

Roots are the anchors and feeding mechanism for a tree, if these are not right then the success of the tree is compromised.  What might look like a big strong tree may not be mirrored by it root system.  Icon Trees is one of the few nurseries that identify with this issue and dispose of these trees instead of growing them on to the next grade or supplying trees that will not successfully reach maturity.



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