Standing in the middle of a paddock a young 11 year old boy in his oversized Swanndri and Redband gumboots spent hours dreaming about growing massive trees in apple bins,  years later the reality of the dream has grown into what is now Icon Trees.  Mike established Icon Trees in 2003 with a vision to grow the best trees in New Zealand.  Our customers now visit the nursery and describe them as “World Class Trees”

From their nursery in Ardmore Icon Trees is focused on suppling high-quality specimen trees and advanced hedges to the landscape industry.  

Environment is a key part of growing good trees.  Ardmore was identified as be a great location to grow trees, it has the climatic advantage of being positioned in a  valley linking the east and west coasts of Auckland.  Climatically, Ardmore has the extremes of coastal winds, winter frost through to spectacular summers with the nursery reaching mid to late 30’s regularly.   Growing in these climatic extremes enable Icon Trees to successfully shipping their trees throughout New Zealand. 

Icon Trees have been growing world class trees for over 18 years.  In 2010 a purpose-built nursery began to be built from nothing more than a 50 acre paddock. The Icon Trees team took the best of their collective knowledge and Kiwi know-how, plus the extensive information and observations from visiting international nurseries pulling it all together they now have 50 acres of world class trees.  

Every tree that starts life at Icon Trees knowing it needs to be of Premium grade and not all make the cut.  Every tree is hand selected before it becomes an Icon Tree.  They are then grown in premium soil media purpose adding to the quality and reliability of our growing. Most importantly we have a team of dedicated knowledgeable growers taking great care of the trees.  We now grow over 80% of our trees in reusable and recyclable pots.  Our water is source from 3 deep water bore, pure untouched hygienic water.  Hygiene in the nursery is imperative so we grow our trees in deep gravel draining growing areas.  We are currently transitioning from being accredited under the Australian Farm Management program to a NZ industry-based management program, this ensures best practises for growing our trees and while looking after environment in which they grow.     

Good Roots………

Roots are the anchors and feeding mechanism for a tree, if these are not right then the success of the tree is compromised.  What might look like a big strong tree may not be mirrored by it root system.  Icon Trees is one of the few nurseries that identify with this issue and dispose of these trees instead of growing them on to the next grade or supplying trees that will not successfully reach maturity.



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